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—  affogato  —

noun a classic Italian dessert where ice cream topped with espresso


— La Opera —
dark espresso ice cream, chocolate ganache, almond jaconde sponge, coffee buttercream, topped with Prima Tazza


— Death by Chocolate —
chocolate sorbet, brownie chunks, chocolate streusels, chocolate top hat, topped with
Grande Taza


—  Carota Carota—
carrot cake ice cream, carrot cake,
chopped walnuts, homemade cream cheese, topped with Mocharoma


— Banana Ramble —
butter pecan ice cream, banana cake, fresh banana slices, pecans crumble, topped with Mocharoma

— Edens' —
apple speculoos ice cream, vanilla pound cake, apple compote, cinnamon streusels, topped with Prima Tazza


—  Pot of Honey  —
honey swirl coffee ice cream, vanilla sponge cake, whipped honey butter cream,  topped with
Grande Tazza

—  Classic White  —
vanilla ice cream, vanilla sponge cake, white chocolate streusels, topped with La Tazza

decaffeinated  +$1.50


—  Bagel Sandwiches  —


— King Salmon —
toasted bagel with new zealand wood smoked king salmon, fresh onions. arugula and sun-dried tomato cream cheese

— Deli Beef —
toasted bagel with cooked corned beef, fresh onions, sun-dried tomato, arugula and sun-dried tomato cream cheese

— Breakfast Club —
toasted bagel with cooked ham, cheddar cheese, egg, mesclun mix and gruyère bechamel sauce

— Smoked Chicken —
toasted bagel with smoked chicken, mesclun mix and maple walnuts & raisins cream cheese


— Eggs & Onion —
toasted bagel with chopped eggs, onion and arugula


—  Focaccias —


— Caprese —
toasted focaccia with buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, mixed greens

— Pesto Turkey —
toasted focaccia with pesto, turkey, fresh tomato, emmental cheese and mesclun mix 


—  Make Your Own salad —



Garden Salad (Mesclun mix, sundried tomatoes, fresh onions)

Choice of — balsamic dressing or lemon dressing

Buffalo Mozeralla  +$5.50
Turkey Ham +$3.50
Corned Beef  +$3.50
Smoked chicken +$3.00
Ham  + $3.00
Hard Boiled egg +$1.50
Nuts +$1.00
Raisins +$1.00